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***Grand Opening of New Healing Room in the Kreate Hub Nashville Building! Save 20% off this package now through June 30th, 2023.



This beautiful package combines the ancient Ayurvedic healing practice of Shirodhara with intuitive Reiki and dream work/shamanic journeying for two hours of blissful flow that will conclude with a beautiful herbal tea ceremony. Shirodhara is an ancient healing modality where sacred oils or milk is warmed and then titrated through a copper pot and poured very slowly over the area above the eyes/center of the forehead with a constant flow. This massage technique works to stimulate both the right and left sides of the brain at the same time, helping you very quickly move into the theta state of relaxation and dreaming. Shirodhara is heralded for helping to also stimulate hair growth, strengthening focus and cognition, while also working to decrease stress and anxiety in the body. While in the deep theta state, I will share a shamanic journey with the participate while also opening/balancing the Marma points and ending with a gentle offering of Reiki to the body. The session will conclude with a custom herbal tea ceremony and discussion about the dream/journey experienced during the theta state, working to unravel the deeper mysteries and messages from your guides and Divine Source.

Shirodhara, Reiki & Dream Work Package - 120 Minutes

  • Healing sessions are being offered at the little Cottage in the Berry Hill area of South Nashville. I currently book appointments on Sundays and Thursdays (day and evening hours). Once you have purchased your session, I will reach out to coordinate the date/time and provide you with the physical address for the cottage.

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