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Lead Author: Tina Green
Featured Authors:
Alyssa Anaya, Candra Anaya, Dasha Allred Bond, Kim Collins, Jayne Jacova Feld, Lydia Greenwoods, Thais Harris, Madrone Kalil, Beverly LaZar, Rev. Annie Mark, Charleen M. Michel, Natalie Petersen, Holly M. Rapport, Sharon Siegler, Dr. Ruth A. Souther, Laura Spinner, Linda (Jyoti) Stuart, Lisa Swid, Rev. Stephanie Urbina Jones, Michelle Vesser, Heather Westling


Book Description
This book serves as a transformative guide, beckoning you to release shame, fear, and self-abandonment and, instead, embrace a fresh start grounded in self-love, unlocking boundless possibilities. Lead author Tina Green understands this, and she’s leading this movement by gathering a community of experts to share their stories and practices for readers eager to create deep and lasting change in their lives. Every chapter offers an inspiring exploration of the author's personal self-love journey, complete with a potent practice you can engage in for your own profound transformation. Welcome to The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love. It is more than just a book – it's a thriving community of expert teachers, coaches, and therapists dedicated to guiding you in establishing a self-love foundation and nurturing your connection to your inner wisdom and guidance. Are you ready to revel in the profound joy of self-love, acceptance, and freedom in your body, mind, and soul? Let’s go!


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*** Book released November 6th.

The Life-Changing Power of Self Love

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